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It's about social innovation !


" It's simple stories of men and women developing innovative solutions to provide access to basic needs : a decent home, clean energy, quality food, etc."


Antoine Horellou, BOPS

the challenge
"Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and medical care and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control."


art.25 The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948

4 billion people   does not have access to basic services

High revenues  : more than 60$/day                  
Middle class :  10 à 60$/day     
1 billion
2 billion

mostly urban, with access to basic services, in a very competitive formal economy

"Base of the Pyramid ( BoP )", it is the four billion women, men, children, living with the lowest incomes, ie : the "poor".

Major part of them live in rural areas, in a low competitive informal economy.

All or part of the goods/basic services (food, health, housing, etc. ) are inaccessible (distribution challenge ) or unaffordable purchasing power challenge).


The effects of climate change significantly worsen this situation



BOP  : less than 10$/day                  
although solutions exist

Humanity is ingenious

we know how to produce medicines, quality food, bioclimatic buildings , renewable energy, non-violent education , etc.



Humanity is rich

It generally has very substantial financial resources :

$ 233,000 billion


Humanity knows how to transmit

We know how to train in techniques, entrepreneurship, fundraising, management , etc.

.. these technical solutions , and human and financial resources are monopolized by the top of the pyramid...

let's "bop" them !
4 billion

do U wanna BOP ?

neologism meaning " create , adapt, develop specific solutions for the BoP population "

Entrepreneurs create, adapt, broadcast solutions specially dedicated to meet the basic needs of BoP.


These services are "well" designed :

- desirable

- sober ( undemanding material, low-carbon , recycling )

- simple / agile

- quality

Above all, to be sustainable and accessible quickly, they must be:

- fairly exchanged (balance contribution/reward) 

eg : not "meet my needs for me", but "give me the means to meet them by myself "!

eg : not "give me a lamp" but "I buy my solar lamp to a local entrepreneur as I have the means to do so" 

An ecosystem around these "changemakers "


Public institutions are inspired, and create favorable conditions for the development of these services. They can thus focus on their sovereign prerogatives (law, security).


Investors (citizens, private and public) finance social projects with expectations of return on investment not just financial ( " co-benefits " ) .



BOPS is an initiative that aim at mobilizing, on a specific territory, social entrepreneurs, companies, citizen sector and public institutions in order to co-create, test, analyse and disseminate social-impact solutions


  • Creation of local task-forces 

  • Market studies

  • Business planning

  • Communication tools

  • Fundraising 




  • Territorial project lead

  • Communication

  • MRV



  • Technology transfert

  • Identification and selection of stakeholders 

  • due dilligence on BoP and social innovation




100 million of people need decent buildings in sahelian Africa

Thomas Granier, Seri Youlou created the Nubian Vault,

an affordable and sustainable building solution using local materials (earth, rocks), and a dissemination methodology based on local market.

BOPS was involved in co-creation of a value chain for this bioclimatic technology ; business planning, fundraising, management, training of market stakeholders, advocacy, due dilligence

verified impacts (since 2000) : 20,000 beneficiaries ; 

2000 buildings (houses, schools, health-care centers) 400 builders trained ; in 700 cities & villages in west africa ; 2million€ of local market ; 55,000 tCO2eq saved



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Des solutions innovantes pour l'accès aux services de base des populations littorales du monde

650 million people need access to electricity in Africa

Arnaud and Maxence Chabanne created Lagazel

a start-up dedicated to provide new offgrid offer : solar lanterns, solar kits and other green energy products "made in Africa". Lagazel is based in St Galmier (France) and Dédougou (Burkina Faso)

BOPS was involved in Business Plan, communication, technology transfer plan

verified impacts : first series currently in production



LAGAZEL - lighting everywhere

LAGAZEL - lighting everywhere

1,2 milliards de personnes n'ont pas accès à l'électricité dans le monde Photo : Christian Lamontagne

heard about BOPS

"Wonderful . (...) I think we have many things in common. First of all the desire to take action !


Gunter Pauli

" BOPS has helped us to develop a vision and a common mission, structure our objectives and activities. We start together to mobilize human, technical and financial resources to scale up, with the aim of reversing the transport issue of coastal populations in Bangladesh ; and why not elsewhere !


Marc Van Peteghem, vplp & watever




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